Awaiting permission to cite author – 12 May 2014

To The Commissioner,

Long time Territorian opposed to fracking because:

  1. It cant guarantee 100% water safety, present volumes and aquifer integrity
  2. Some aquifers are already going reducing in volumes due to other conventional use such as agriculture, livestock, horticulture, irrigation etc. etc.
  3. None of the benefits come back to the area, all sold on the international energy trade and used on unnecessary government spending programs
  4. Industrialisation of the landscape
  5. Another fossil fuel causing global warming
  6. Prolonging our need to change to lower energy consumption and lower sustainable economic growth (not 4%) and environmentally sustainable populations
  7. Does not address and will contribute to the maco problems of out of control consumerism, population growth and resulting pollution of the environment
  8. Don’t do it, its just going to leave problems behind for years to come for us to clean up. Once the aquifer is ruined end of story, cant be fixed