Interim Report

On 14 July 2017 the Inquiry released an Interim Report, which details the activities undertaken by the Inquiry Panel to date and its preliminary analysis of some of the risks and benefits of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in the Northern Territory.

Download the Interim Report PDF (10.1 MB)

Download the Interim Report Summary PDF (2.8 MB)

Have your say

You can provide feedback or comment on the Interim Report by completing an online feedback form or by sending a submission to the Inquiry.

Public Hearings

The Inquiry held public hearings in Darwin, Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek 31 July - 10 August 2017. Go to the Submissions Library to watch the video recordings and to view the transcripts of each hearing presentation.

Hearing Schedule

Name of Organisation/ Presenters

Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network Presenter has withdrawn

MS Contracting & Sully Pty Ltd:
Bill Sullivan & Mark Sullivan

Joseph White-eyes Presenter has withdrawn

Rob Woods

Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (
Bruce Robertson

Nicholas Milyari Fitzpatric Presentation scheduled for Tuesday

Todd Waters Presenter has withdrawn

Belinda Davis Presenter has withdrawn

Jo Vandermark

Howard Smith Presenter has withdrawn

United Voice

Patsy Hickey Presenter has withdrawn

Name of Organisation/ Presenters

Lock the Gate Alliance NT:
Naomi Hogan

Environmental Defenders Office:
David Morris

Melissa Haswell

Jamie Houldsworth

Frack Free Darwin:
Belinda Quinlivian and Melissa Bury

Seranna Shutt

Jenny Davis

Rosemary Jacobs Withdrawn by presenter

Nicholas Milyari Fitzpatrick

Ron Chute and David Forsyth

Oilfield Connect:
Mark Fraser

Juliet Saltmarsh Withdrawn by presenter

Carl Brand for Rikki Saltmarsh

Terrabos Consulting:
David Armstrong

Name of Organisation/ Presenters

Santos Ltd:
Bill Ovenden, Tom Baddeley, Paul Wybrew, Geoff Atherton, Che Cockatoo-Collins

Tim Forcey

Billee McGinley

Christland Kovison Yao

NT Greens:
Paul Sharp

The Australia Institute:
Roderick Campbell

Climate Action Darwin:
Grusha Leeman

Sharyn Bury Withdrawn by presenter

Justin Tutty

Katherine Marchment

Pauline Cass

Jason Hampton Withdrawn by presenter

Name of Organisation/ Presenters

Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC):
Jimmy Cocking and Alexander Read

Lisa Gray, Miles Jennings

Allan O’Keefe, Jasmin O'Keefe, Marilyn O'Keefe

Jason Trevers

Central Australian Frack-Free Alliance (CAFFA):
Jesse Hancock, Marli Banks

Domenico Pecorari

Amber Mc Bride

Name of Organisation/ Presenters

Chris Hawke

Dianna Newham

Amber Driver

Kirsty Robertson

Mark Swindles

Esther Nunn

Heather McIntyre

Dr Matthew Currell

Name of Organisation/ Presenters

Katherine Mining Services Association:
Geoff Crowhurst 
June Tapp   Withdrawn by presenter
Errol Lawson
Environment Centre NT:
Shar Molloy
Vista Gold:
Brent Murdoch

Name of Organisation/ Presenters

NARMCO (North Australian Rural Management Consultants P/L):
Teresa Cummings

Carol Randall and Andrew Smith

Big River Station:

Daniel Tapp

Annette Raynor

Gasfield-free Community Surveys:
Jill Emerson-Smith
Lauren Mellor
Vivienne Soebek
Nancy McDinny
Glenys Somers
Petrena Ariston
Kerrie Mott

Mataranka Hot Springs:
Michael and Glenys Somers

Origin Energy:
Stephanie Stonier, Dr David Close and Alex Cote

Samantha Phelan

Cheryl Birch

Name of Organisation/ Presenters

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA):
Adam Welsh

Gadrian Hoosan

Raymond Dixon

Andrew Munckton (Via video and conference call)

Dianne Stokes

Purpose of the hearings:

  • For organisations, stakeholders and members of the public to provide additional information or evidence to the Inquiry.
  • To provide feedback on the Inquiry’s Interim Report.
  • For the Inquiry to clarify information it has been provided in more than 250 public submissions.

Guidelines for hearing presentations:

  • Presenters must provide new information or evidence that has not been presented to the Inquiry in a previous hearing or submission.
  • Presenters are strongly encouraged to address any questions provided on notice by the Inquiry.
  • Presenters should, where possible, provide a copy of their presentation/ submission to the Inquiry in advance.
  • Submissions provided after the hearing should be sent to the Inquiry no more than two weeks following the hearing presentation date.

Time allocated for hearing presentations:

  • Hearings will be scheduled for either 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the anticipated length of evidence to be presented and questioning by the Panel.
  • Presenters may indicate a 30 or 60 minute preference when registering, however the length of time allocated will be upon the Inquiry’s discretion.
  • Presenters must conclude their presentations 10 minutes before the allocated time to allow the Inquiry Panel to ask questions.

Live streaming:

  • All hearings will be streamed live to the Inquiry’s website and recorded.
  • The hearings will be tabled as a submission to the Inquiry and uploaded to the Inquiry’s Submissions Library.

Public and media gallery:

  • Members of the public and media are welcome to attend and observe the hearings in the public gallery. Registration is not required.
  • Media may record the hearings and take photos, while not impeding the process of the hearing.
  • All attendees are asked to behave respectfully.

Community Forums 8 August – 12 August 2017

The Inquiry held community information and engagement forums in the following locations:

View the Inquiry Panel slide show PDF (1.7 MB) presented at the community forums.

Regional and Remote Community Forums 22 August – 1 September 2017

The community forums provided an opportunity for people to engage directly with the Inquiry Panel. The forums also included a short presentation and a discussion session on the Inquiry’s Interim Report.

Schedule of community forums:

View the Inquiry Panel slide show PDF (1.9 MB) presented at the  regional and remote community forums

For more information contact the Hydraulic Fracturing Taskforce:
Phone: (+61) 08 8999 6573