Awaiting permission to cite author – 13 June 2014

Dr Allan Hawke AC

Thank you for extending the deadline for submissions so that I may contribute. I must say firstly that if I had not read the letters to the editor on June 5th I would not have known..So firstly I urge you now to widely advertise this opportuntity for the general public. Secondly ,given the fact that a stated time frame for a completed report has been {sometime later in the year ?.} I can only urgently appeal to you to recommend to the government to immediately:-

  1. Follow the NSW government  decision of a 6 month freeze on processing new  exploration Licences.
  2. Moratorium on new coal seam gas developments in the northern territory.

If your enquiry takes 6 months then so be it , and I look forward to your deliberation .However, If any hydraulic fracturing occurs in the NT during this time then this enquiry is a sham.