Awaiting permission to cite author – 14 May 2014

To The Commissioner,

Re – EP(A)219, EP(A)255, EP(A)257, EP167, EP189

I am writing with concerns regarding the application for exploration over the afore-mentioned areas in our region, either granted or pending. There has been no information or notification as yet to the people of and living in these regions from NT Gas, nor the NT Government regarding the aforementioned applications. I am concerned about the lack of scientific studies to guarantee safety and security of our water, soil and air.

I am concerned that the NT government is about to follow QLD's lead and rush through approvals for CSG mining with little or no regard to the health and safety of the people of the NT, and that of the environment.

I am concerned that the NT Government is putting the interest of mining industry and short sighted revenue raising over and above the welfare of the people of the NT.

I am disappointed to hear that my taxes are going towards assessing Shale gas resources in the NT. Why are we paying for this?

I am concerned at how close to major towns these mining sites might be if approved.

I am concerned for my health and for the health of my children if fracking is allowed to go ahead in the territory.

I am concerned that the aesthetic value of the Territory will be lost and could devastate the tourist industry.

I am concerned that the government and the gas mining industry are not respecting the cultural significance of traditionally owned lands.

I am concerned that the government is either not researching or taking seriously the well documented disasters from fracked mines along our eastern states and around the world.

I do not support fracking in the NT, and any government that approves the pumping of toxic chemicals down into the earth past our ground water does not represent me.

Simone Cordell