Awaiting permission to cite author – 26 June 2014

To Dr Allan Hawke,
I am writing to submit my opposition to the proposed hydraulic fracking in the Northern Territory. The risks associated with the potential contamination of ground water / aquifers by carcinogenic chemicals used in the fracking process is too great to risk allowing in our region.  In other places where fracking has been allowed, contamination has occurred.  Reports suggest that not only does groundwater get contaminated with carcinogens, but also other side effects can result such as methane seeping from the ground in affected areas to even sinkholes opening up.  Currently it seems to be an unproved and inexact science.  Until proven safe methods of extraction are available a moratorium on hydraulic fracking in the Northern Territory should be enforced.  We can't risk contaminating the water of future generations, leaving a carcinogenic legacy due to the rushed legislation of a money hungry government and big business.  Allowing fracking without knowing conclusively that it was safe would be a gross case of negligence.  Short term jobs would be created for mostly FIFO workers, whereas territory residents will be left with a carcinogenic legacy for ever.  Only when there is no clean water left to drink will those responsible realise that you can not drink money.  Most likely though, that those looking to frack are not locals and will move elsewhere after exploiting our back yard, leaving the mess for us to deal with. We can not allow this to happen.  The long list of environmental disasters in the NT resulting from current conventional mining practices is astounding within a "first world" country.  Allowing an unproved method of fracking in the NT would be courting environmental disaster.  The current relative pristine wilderness of the NT and our drinking water supply should be ensured by not allowing the proposed fracking and environmental degradation of the territory. History will judge you and your actions. I hope you choose wisely.