Awaiting permission to cite author – 27 May 2014

To The Commissioner,

I am concerned about the prospect of 'fracking' occurring in the NT.
The vast, remarkably natural beauty of the NT, of which about 90% is apparently under exploration, is far too important to risk for the short term gain of coal seam gas. 

The technology and safety of 'fracking' is still under question. However, due to the lack of regulations around it, especially in the NT where we have fairly loose water regulations, it appears to be going ahead around the country and internationally with little regard to the potential and very real dangers.

I believe we need to be very cautious with this method of energy mining as there are many unknowns:

-The effect on ground water

-The lack of transparency surrounding the cocktail of chemicals used in the process


-Huge amounts of water used in the exploration and mining process- we do live in an arid region

-If one well leaks into an aquifer, in our case the Amadeus Basin, what are the potential REAL effects?

-What will happen to the responsible company if there is pollution of an aquifer?

-Who can guarantee the air, soil and water quality?

-Waste water disposal- where will this water be released?

-What happens when the well expire? 

I worry about the potential lack of independent scientific studies into the environmental impacts of 'fracking'. It is a far too risky prospect to happen in the Northern Territory, and anywhere else in the world. 
It is a long term pain for short term gain. I hope that the risks are properly assessed with a proper timeline that isn't rushed and pressured by corporate and government interests.