Awaiting permission to cite author – 30 May 2014

To the Commissioner,

Re: EP(A)219, EP(A)255, EP(A)257, EP167, EP189

I am writing with concerns regarding the applications for fracking exploration over large areas within our region, either granted or pending. There has been no information or notification as yet to the people of and living in these regions from NT Gas, nor the NT Government regarding the applications. I am concerned about the lack of scientific studies to guarantee safety and security of our water, soil and air.

The following is list of issues pertaining to fracking that make it an unacceptable practice within the Northern Territory.

I would consider that any government that overlooked this well documented history would be acting negligently.

I do not support fracking in the Northern Territory. I would like to see a moratorium on fracking until this this enquiry can prove that fracking for gas will have NO negative impacts on the health of the people, environment and the aesthetic value of the territory.