Jessie Johnston – 26 May 2014

To the Northern Territory Government

Dear Minister,

I am gravely concerned about the implications of fracking both locally, interstate and internationally.

There has been a great deal of media coverage regarding the adverse outcomes of fracking all around the globe.

It is time that common sense prevailed and we had a moratorium against this dangerous practice that puts our precious water supply at risk of contamination.

I also think that it is outrageous that coal seam gas mining companies can mine on private property without the consent of the owners of the property.

Fracking has been banned in France and it is my opinion that fracking should be banned in Australia.

It is time in Australia that we followed Germany and Sweden and substantially increased our use of Clean Energy (solar energy and wind
energy) and moved away from gas, coal and

oil. Both Germany and Sweden now get an impressive 50% or more of their total energy needs met by clean energy sources.

In Australia we have so much sun, surely we can do at least as well, if not much better, than these northern European countries, and leave gas, coal and oil in the ground.

We owe this to future generations.

Your Sincerely,

Jessie Johnston