Julie Morris – 12 May 2014

To The Commissioner,

Re: EP(A)219, EP(A)255, EP(A)257, EP167, EP189

We are writing with concerns regarding the application for exploration over the afore-mentioned areas in our region, either granted or pending. There has been no information or notification as yet to the people of and living in these regions from NT Gas, nor the NT Government regarding the aforementioned applications. We are concerned about the lack of scientific studies to guarantee safety and security of our water, soil and air.

The following are questions we need answers to in order to feel safe about the prospect of Shale Gas production in our region:

Answers to all of the above questions are essential before there can be any consideration of shale gas exploration or extraction. As members of the Northern Territory community who live with and on this land we need answers before we can feel safe living amongst a gas field. Shale gas extraction has been occurring for decades in the USA already with many implications to health, land, water and soil. We need guarantees in the Northern Territory that similar problems will not occur here.

Julie Morris