Justin Rowe – 27 May 2014

To The Commissioner,

I want this matter taken very seriously as the future of all our children and the environment is as stake. I personally am totally against hydraulic fracturing mining/ coal seam gas/ fracking. This is in no way a safe practice and cannot be proven to be at all to be good for anyone other than the few who gain some money for the sacrifice of destroying the environment and the future generations health that come after this madness. What will happen to the bore casings once they corrod and rupture, what happens to all the ground water, creeks and waterways once they are polluted with toxic chemicals.

 It’s a psychopath’s wet dream (pun intended) come true this hydraulic fracturing.

I as NT resident will not see any benefit to the NT other than raping and destroying the beautiful country we have up here. You cannot guarantee the fracking water will never be spilt into the environment.   Fracking ultimately has to be the worse threat humanity is facing to it’s survival because the practice of blasting over 600 toxic chemicals deep under the Earth’s surface is destroying water tables that virtually all life feeds from!.   Water is the most valuable resource on the planet and this practice will destroy this precious commodity. This is by far the most UN-GREEN  senseless money grab.. we cannot eat or drink gas and we will not be able to drink toxic water. We have to live here still and to do this for the all mighty dollar is a total discrace to humanity. I want the NT to be strong and environmentally wise for the future instead of taking the path of death. It is nothing but dirty energy, methane leaks are occurring everywhere that fracking has been undertaken and did you know that Methane is a 23 times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, so whats up with protecting the environment?..... not so long ago this was all on the agenda now we seem to be going all out to destroy the environment. Recent studies show methane leaks occuring because of this up from 6 to 12 % this is not climate wise at all. Where will all the water required to do this insane fracking come from? what will be done with it after it has done its work and totally polluted with toxic chemicals? This water after it has been used to frack, how much is actually recovered from the bore holes? as much as is put in? where does it go? and what does it carry with it....toxic chemicals.

Hydraulic fracturing pollutes water table, soils and air, how can we live healthily ?

I think you must have understood it by now. Hydraulic fracturing is not the solution we should be seeking right now. It is full of dangers and its merits are clearly overhyped by fossil fuels companies. These very companies are ready to silence children, to endanger communities and to stop paying for what they should pay for the damages they did..... Not the kind of people you would want to let anywhere near your land, houses and cities… once the water table is polluted it travels under the ground....

To conclude: if our communities can benefit immensely from renewable energy sources , they could soon become much more efficient. Stop looking for the fast buck.

Justin Rowe