Laila Pedersen – 27 May 2014

To Whom it May Concern,

The exploration for gas will directly affect me and my family due to the disastrous, irreversible damage this exploration is known, worldwide, to cause to nearby water tables.

All of the concerns people have about this mining process have already been made fully available to you and I agree with ALL these concerns so I am not listing them in this letter. This is a letter to make you aware that I fully object to Hydraulic Fracturing.

A much more public notification process is needed before this decision is made. The general public is neither aware of the need to write objection letters nor educated about the process of this mining.

It is already a controversial subject because of the damage it has caused to many places worldwide. There is also the widening international acceptance of the fact that it is not a profitable industry and overseas companies are already going broke over the supposed 'gas boom'. I am devastated to think that the last pristine place left in the world is going to let the big oil companies come in and destroy our water table and surrounding lands. Good clean bore water is a necessity here in our Northern Territory, not an option, and our environment has a very delicate ecological system which can easily be destroyed. Don't let them hand ball the problem to the NT when others have already objected elsewhere.

We work hard for our expensive properties and lifestyle in the NT and our land values will be voided by the environmental destruction of our very delicate eco system and, mostly, the poisoning of our clean potable water.

You are advised to do some more homework, start looking at the facts put forth to you before allowing this mining to be approved.

Yours Sincerely,
Laila Pedersen