Lisa Chin - 27 May 2014

To the Commissioner,

I would like to formally express my opposition to hydraulic fracturing in the Northern Territory for the following reasons.

Hydraulic Fracturing is not proven to be a safe practice despite the claims of industry representatives. Hydraulic Fracturing today is in its infancy and not the same practice that has been utilised since the 40’s and it poses a much greater risk to our environment than it once did.

In the USA it has been proven that the strict regulation has little effect on environmental incidents occurring in the unconventional gas industry. The real, undeniable cases of sickness and environmental devastation occurring in the USA due to fracking cannot be overlooked. These are real cases with real people. Not a scare campaign but a list of many cases of individuals against corporations coming off second best and being brushed aside and ignored. 

I particularly oppose fracking because it has potential to contaminate and damage underground water sources. Water means life and to discount the enormous risk that fracking would pose to the main water source for many communities is irresponsible and ignorant.

The NT is a unique place that should not destroyed in the name of progress and profits.

Lisa Chin