Marg Lavery – 26 May 2014

I am deeply concerned about the inquiry for hydraulicfracturing  in the Northern Territory. Many reports of serious and long term damage to the environment, water supply and heath are coming from all over the world and millions of people in many countries are learning about the dangers of this industry. This is fact and legal battles have been won in court as a result to health and environment. The struggle in Australia is strong and informed and legal action could result from damage to persons and livelihoods as land that is part of the food bowl, tourism and farming is destroyed. Please enforce a moratorium until all case histories have been explored from scientific evidence here and worldwide. There are many, and more cases everyday. I am not against industry but we must preserve our environment for my and others grandchildren and short term monetary gains are not the most important issue.
Thank you for letting me submit my deep concerns. Yours sincerely
Marg Lavery