Name withheld on request of author – 26 May 2014

To The Commissioner

I write to express my concern with the fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) as proposed for large areas of the Territory.

I believe there are too many environmental risks associated with fracking and I object to the fact that many of these company operations will provide the majority of financial benefits to shareholders and very little to the people living on the land from which the gas is being extracted, "locals" who end up wearing the risk and consequences of any environmental damage.

This issue can be addressed, I believe, in much the same way that I, as a professional architect, am legally bound to compensate my clients for any financial loss resulting from my services or professional activities.

I would like to see every company wishing to frack for gas in the Territory being required to provide Public Liability Insurance for any damage to the environment that may arise from their activity.

The policy should be of a monetary value sufficient to cover loss of land value and productivity loss from damaged lands, air and water quality (both surface and underground) and also apply to towns and communities through which their product is transported.

This would be one way of getting the companies to take the potential consequences or their activities seriously and prompt financial institutions to re-consider funding companies with a poor environmental track record.

I thank you for your attention and hope you give the matter due consideration. 

Yours faithfully