Name withheld on request of author – 28 May 2014

To The Commissioner,

Re: EP(A)219, EP(A)255, EP(A)257, EP167, EP189

I am writing with concerns regarding the application for exploration over the afore-mentioned areas in the Northern Territory either granted or pending.

There has been no information or notification as yet to the people of and living in these regions from NT Gas, nor the NT Government regarding the aforementioned applications.

I am concerned about the lack of scientific studies to guarantee safety and security of our water, soil, air, flora & fauna due to the processes invoked with hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") .

Shale gas extraction has been occurring for decades in the USA already with many negative impacts to human health as well as land, water and soil. I need guarantees that in the Northern Territory similar problems will not occur here.

In addition to this my understanding is the processes involved with fracking causes irreparable damage environmentally & is a monumental waste of precious resources, requiring extensive amounts of water for little gas output. Precious water resources that are already limited.

Shale gas wells are also unsightly on the landscape and require multiple wells to be an effective extraction process.  I don't believe the NT environment can sustain this without ruining the limited landscape that attracts people to it in the first place.

Furthermore, the risks associated with poisonous waste water & contaminated soil are obviously extremely high to our unique flora & fauna as well as the people of the NT regions where fracking is proposed.

As a resident of the NT for more than 20 years I understand that mining is an important part of sustaining our lifestyle through resource production and am not opposed to mining in some circumstances; however I appeal to the enquiry board & to you Commissioner, to ensure adequate protection of my home and provide the Australian community with assurances through proper study into Shale Gas exploration / mining here and ensure the most suitable mining process is in place before allowing such a monumental & irreversible mining process like fracking to degrade our environment further.