R Saltmarsh - 29 May 2014

Fracking – A dangerous precedent

Large volumes of water mixed with sand and chemicals are used in fracking which can deplete water supplies if not monitored right through every step and has the potential to taint aquifers forever. There is also a huge problem with wastewater which is often undrinkable. If re-injected underground it pollutes surrounding areas, if put into holding pits it evaporates toxic fumes and animals can’t drink it.

In this day and age we have the knowledge to set up large scale solar systems backed up by geothermal, wave and wind technology. This is a far more intelligent was to go. Why frack our countryside for export purposes, very rarely is it for our use. This is all done at the expense of short term money with the potential to ruin the land for future generations. At a time where we are constantly being warned about global warming and rising sea levels, should we be wasting water to this extent, surely it is setting a dangerous precedent.

Fracking can transform rural and natural areas into industrial wastelands. Do we want this for our children? Think about it!