Robert Dietrich and Boudicca Hann – 6 May 2014

To The Commissioner,

I am writing to you to inform you about my partners and my opposition to Hydraulic Fracturing!

My current occupation has got to do with the delivery of environmentally friendly, renewable energy to the remote areas of the NorthernTerritory, the Kimberley and Queensland.

Please allow us to explain why we won’t support fracking and why we also would like to urge you not to get involved with it:

  1. Fracking is a direct hazard to peoples health (including cancer), because emission of benzene and other chemicals. 
  2. Fracking causes underground instability with unknown consequences!
  3. Chemicals used in the process are contaminating ground water - which is also the main water source here in the Central Desert.
  4. Fracking can cause earthquakes.
  5. Fracking is not economically feasible. Currently the prices for gas are being raised in order to make Fracking more attractive. This is an artificial measure and does not reflect the real costs involved. Once the bore is drained, Environmental clean up comes at a huge cost.
  6. It is linked to the cause of sink holes, where saturated rock formation collapse. 
  7. The “technology” of hydraulic fracturing has been “invented” out of necessity to obtain difficult to reach resources in the ground. Its applied force goes way beyond natural resources harvesting measures!
  8. Generally fossil fuels
    • are proven to be responsible for green house gas emissions 
    • green house gas emissions are statistically proven to have increased hundred fold since the industrial age
    • green house gas emissions are proven to be one of the major causes of global warming, smog, Feinstaub, health risks, the ozone layer hole - particularly noticeable south of Australia!

We are proposing the following alternatives:

  1. Particularly in Australia with its high sun intake, Solar Power is a clever alternative. And with the Asian market close by Australia can be  leading solar country.
  2. Remote turbine bores like they have been around for long time.
  3. Not a new, but ever so much enhanced industry around more power efficient and clever appliances
  4. Electric car industry and solar charging stations

If that sounds all too futuristic for you we would like to remind you that all these pathways will create jobs but they will also be green. Something we and our children will be very proud of.

We think that you should not ignore the scientific facts around fracking and global warming.

Robert Dietrich and Boudicca Hann