Roger Miller - 28 May 2014

Dear Mr Hawke,

Please consider my submission to the Inquiry, I give permission to post my name on the website.

At the outset I wish to establish that I am not anti mining & I am a descendant of British pioneer gold miners and current coal and lead mining families of the NT and nsw.

In nsw in the Glen Davis valley is a long abandon mine that had shale deposits so rich in oil that surface samples to this day can be set alight by a cigarette lighter. So I have seen rock that can catch fire. But as Water Operator for 24 years employed on 2 different major domestic water supplies, I have never seen water catch fire. I have however viewed images of occupants in houses in USA where their household water supply is so aerated with flammable gas from fracking that the water does physically catch Fire!.

I believe that these and many other reports are factual results & consequences of Hydraulic Fracking. And so I submit to the enquiry:-
{Fully investigate all Australian independent and global reports of actual detrimental results before granting any further permission of new drilling and suspension of all current drilling until this enquiry is completed. Thus Prevention – not Treatment after the event.}

The gas will still be there, as will all other minerals that can be mined that have been in the ground for a lot more years than we have been here. A few more months will not prevent drilling in the future but, if continued unregulated may be decisive on how long we will be here.

Roger W Miller