Uncle Turner – 21 May 2014

To Inquiry members firstly I think this fracking business has got to stop.  We have to much mining in the Territory as it is. Why is it that we are hell bent on destroying the Great Mother, don’t you realise that she will take her vengeance on us mere mortals should this go ahead. When I hear the mining company’s, politicians say there is no problem, I know their screws are loose, anything we do under our feet will come back and bite us if we are not careful. Further many of our communities out bush and major townships rely on “water the giver of life” that is the only thing we should concentrate on, because you can do a lot more with water than mining.

Mining will ninety per cent of time destroy water tables above and below ground. Another thing we should not be letting multi nationals dictate what is good and controlling our political masters who we employee, each nation state is responsible for their own land. If we destroy what we have and turn it into a toxic waste many of you won’t live here. You’ll pack up and leave and us that love this land and we will stay, toxic or not. Fracking is a wakeup call to be wary, because only you have created a problem, it is impossible to bring back the Great Mother, who will in many years rectify the problem, not us. You should also talk truth to indigenous people the dangers of mining and fracking because all the govt company’s are thinking of is greed and the short term gain. They don’t look at long term problems that will occur. Well I can talk all day but won’t I hope this submission will make you think before acting and you don’t continue with this madness.


Uncle Turner